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Seduction of Darkness, Application


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You must agree to the following if you wish to become a part of Seduction of Darkness.

There is to be no controllowing of another person's character. No one owns a character other than the person who created said character.
OOC and IC are NEVER to be crossed. They have their own places.
Real Life comes before anything we do in the sl. Nothing is more important than the life we each live, and those that are effected by it. At no time is anyone allowed to question that.
Fighting within the group will not be tolerated, nor will the putting down of other members.
At anytime, if either OnyxDove or ShadowGuardian feel you have overstepped the bounds, or are provoking a fight, they have the right to dismiss you from the sl. Any and all characters you have will be deleted and you will not be allowed to create new characters to rejoin at a later time.
Anything finalized will come directly from OnyxDove or ShadowGuardian.
All complaints, problems, or questions should be directed to OnyxDove or ShadowGuardian.
You must agree to all of the above, and make sure to keep these things in mind at all times.

Please email all answers, questions, and pictures to the following email address:

Created by: OnyxDove and ShadowGuardian