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Seduction of Darkness, Application

Character Information

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Char Info

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1. Character's Name:
2. Character's Age:
3. Character's Race:
Vampire:  Please list bloodline
___Belle Morte
___The Dragon
___Queen of Nightmares
___Morte D'Amore
___Mr Oliver
___The Traveler
Lycanthrope: Please list type.
___Feline (Give type of feline)
___Other (explain)
Sidhe: Please list the Court.
Human: List type.
Other: Please explain.
4. Provide a Character Description.
5. Please list any powers or abilities your character may have.
6. Please list any goals, jobs, and desires for life.
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A picture must be provided in order to be accepted into the sl. Please email the picture along with all requested information.

Please continue to the Terms page before emailing any information. Thank you.

Created by: OnyxDove and ShadowGuardian